Sincerely with love

If you need a shoulder to cry on / Don’t you hesitate / Want to hear the words that lovers say / I’d learn them just to please you / And I'll whisper in your ears those words you want to hear / And I’ll take a stupid smile as you go by, oh my / If you want some sweet serenades / I think that I can do it / You want me to play all the night / As you try to get asleep / I’ll wake up all your neighbours / And I’ll shout and I’ll shout and I’ll shout again / If you really want it you will get it I swear / If your smile has faded away / I’ll make a joke so you can laugh / If you feel that your life is empty / I’ll be there just to fill it / I’ll be there you know I will / As I’ve always been / And I’ll be true to you / All you gotta do is call / And I won’t let you be in rest / You know I’ll try to do my best / I will never take you by surprise / And I will try to swallow on my pride / Just to be the one who hold you every night / Just to be the one who makes you feel alright / You know I / i fucking will! /

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