The hardest line

When you feel that your life makes non sense / And you’re gonna end it anyways / When you’ve reached the point when everything seems unclear / Useless, hateful, empty, silly / And you’re down on your knees, but you carry on / Because your love is the only thing / That keeps you alive and makes you breathe / Another day in Hell, a sad cursed lady / Your baby’s gone and you’re hurt / You’ve got to rearrange / Your heart, your mind, your life, your soul / But you see no escaping there / Then you shout “there’s no future” / And your soul is wet / If emptiness is filling you to the point where agony / Is the only feedback / Good day for Mister H. / my friend is down, Heroin rescues me / He’s lost the spark of life / Now drug is the only energy / Well you got no motivation / And yet your life is shit / Yeah you’re right get a trip get a fix / It’s so easy to be a creep / No future no family, don’t believe in love / Your friends don’t understand you / Anarchy is dead despise drugs / What about university? / Live fast, die young, a 600 CBR and a bullet in the head / Yeah you’re right, pull the trigger on, it’s easy to runaway / But who am I to criticize you / I’ve been one of yours / I could have dealt with Mister H. / Or pulled the trigger on the same way / But I believe while the trouble gets in / there are only two ways / Face it or escape / and if I’m here now / It’s just because I won, and that’s my privilege/

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