Bayou Blued

I’ve met my love close to Royal St. / A candy smile with her dark shiny eyes /My love she kissed me with her spicy lips /And then she left me alone out there /I’ve waited hours at the end of that road /Waiting for her to turn back to me /I’ve stood in vain torturing myself /Because my girl she left me away /I made a prayer on that cruel cruel night /I’ve asked “o Lord why did she turn away? /But Heaven stayed silent while I was tight /And God He did never answer my prayer / I’m Bayou blued inside, since my baby she left me / I’m Bayou blued inside wondering alone in New Orleans /I had a walk on that gloomy city /A wet darkness was spreading all around /Believe me friend I couldn’t see a light /When I’ve heard footsteps behind /A staggering hobo beside the dustbins /He had a long hard look at me /Sniffed, and spit off on the ground /He took his guitar he started humming /He played a song that was all about /About wine, dogs on New-Orleans /About life, despair, money and stuff /But he didn’t even ask for dosh /I’m Bayou blued inside, since my sweetheart has gone / I’m Bayou blued inside wondering alone in New Orleans /Then I left my fellow right on Rampart St. /He was yelling and bellowing at me /No matter how I didn’t gave a damn /While I heard him calling me Sam /I’ve wandered hours in the Vieux Carré /When it’s started pissing down there /A thunderstorm right on my head /And puddle pools under my feet /As the sun rose up, the skies were bright /I was sitting on a bench downtown in Algiers /I stupidly stood up and had a hard long thought /On my late night promenade / I’m Bayou blued inside, since my baby has gone / Now New Orleans has put a spell on me / I’m Bayou blued inside, since I’m wondering alone / I got New Orleans is under my skin /

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