one must fall

So you came here cause you aim to kill me /Well I won’t judge your reasons for hating me /I simply want to have warned you before /Cause I’m not really sure you know what you’re gonna fight /Come on /First you must know that if I’m not here tonight /It’s not cause I’m afraid to face you anyways /I just want to give you a single opportunity /To evaluate the danger of meeting me /I know who you are and how you became like this /Do you think you can say the same thing for me? /Minute after minute you got prepared /To fight me and eradicate me in The Name of Lord /Well, be sure of your faith next time we meet /Only this virtue could help you get free /One of us must fall when we face again /And be sure I won’t let you get no easy victory /Do you think I’ve stalked for more than a hundred years /To be defeated by a single mortal hunter /Do you think i took a look on Eternity /To let you poor fool steel it back from me? / What do you think you can do with your pathetic wood springs /Your holy crosses acute my unholy frenzy /I’m not at all afraid of garlic /And I will show you that even bullets can be useless as toys /Now you’ve read those words it can begin /Turn back, take a look into the shadows around you /Don’t you see the blood red-eyes of a beast /Staring at you as I roar with anger /Well I can see in your eyes that you were not prepared /How could you be sure that you would strike first /The hunter of the stalker is now the prey /Ain’t it fun? Sounds like the Lumière Brothers movie! /Sounds like a movie /Will it end like a movie for you /I don’t believe in happy endings /And you shouldn’t believe in happy endings /

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